Business Emergency & Disaster Planning

During and after a disaster, lines of communication can be limited, which means it might take a few days or even weeks for government staff to respond to your needs. Because of this, businesses should have their own disaster response and recovery plan in place, so they can be resilient and continue business operations to the best of their ability. Whether it be a natural disaster, panBusiness Disaster Photodemic, or manmade disaster, there are several resources available to Goochland’s businesses to help them build a plan and ensure their business operations are up and running as soon as possible post disaster.

Goochland County Code Red Emergency Notification System: Sign up to get notified immediately by Goochland local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts.  

Goochland County Economic Development: The Goochland Economic Development Department is happy to assist in the drafting or reviewing of a disaster plan. Please reach out to us if you would like our support.

Goochland County Emergency Management: The Goochland County’s Emergency Management Department is responsible for all disaster preparedness program areas within Goochland County. Their website provides resources for emergency preparedness.

Ready.Gov: was developed by FEMA and provides detailed information about disaster planning for businesses. In it is an outline for businesses to follow during their disaster planning.

Ready Virginia: Provided by Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management, this site provides additional resources for Virginia businesses, including a guide on preparing for hurricanes. 

SBA Prepare for Emergencies: Provided by the Small Business Administration, this site provides step by step instructions for small businesses to follow to prepare for future emergencies. 

SBA Disaster Loans: The SBA offers small businesses four different loans to help them with their disaster preparedness and recovery.

FEMA Businesses and Organizations: FEMA provides several resources for businesses and organizations to take advantage of pre and post disaster.