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  1. Which of the following does your company utilize to market your company? Select all that apply.
  2. Please estimate the percent of your annual revenues from this location ...
  3. For this facility in Goochland County, in the last year...
  4. Have you hired full-time employees?
  5. Do you anticipate hiring full-time employees?
  6. Have you hired part-time employees?
  7. Do you anticipate hiring part-time employees?
  8. If you have added or are anticipating adding employees in the next year ...
  9. If you have laid-off staff or are anticipating laying off staff in the next year...
  10. Does your operation at this location require employees with advanced training, certificates or degrees?
  11. Would you say you have difficulty finding qualified candidates?
  12. Would you say you have difficulty keeping qualified employees?
  13. Has your company renovated or expanded at this site over the last 12 months?
  14. Is your facility:
  15. Would you say your operations at this location are ...
  16. With regards to this location, please rate the following on a scale of excellent, adequate, deficient, non-existent, not applicable and no opinion.
  17. With regard to the costs of your operation at this location, please rate the following on a scale of high, average, low, not applicable and no opinion.
  18. The following are services Goochland County is presently providing or could provide to foster growth in the business community. Please rate each service in terms of its priority to you on a scale of top priority, medium priority and low priority.
  19. From your perspective as a businessperson, please indicate how each local government area impacts your business on a scale of positive, no impact, negative, not applicable and don't know.
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