Local Government

The County is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors. Daily operations are overseen by a County Administrator. The County has adopted a Comprehensive Plan and zoning ordinances.

The Village of Goochland Courthouse is the county seat. There are no incorporated town within the county.

Goochland county seal


  • Conservative fiscal management has resulted in budget surpluses for the last three years.
  • Holds both a AAA credit rating from S&P and Aaa credit rating from Moody's. Goochland is the smallest county in the United States to hold both prestigious designations.
  • Government officials are described as knowledgeable, professional, and reasonable by local business owners.
  • Government and community are supportive and pro-business.
  • County administration is accessible and responsive.
  • Companies have direct access to and receive personal attention from county staff.
  • Tax rates are competitive compared to other localities in the Richmond region.

Mission Statement

In cooperation with the citizens of Goochland, we the Elected Officials, Board and Commission Members, and all of the Employees of the County do affirm our dedication to preserving, enhancing, and perpetuating the unique rural and economic union of our County. We seek always to provide excellence in education, public safety, public health, and social services, both now and in the future.

Value Statements

  1. We value the participation of each citizen in all aspects of administering the County Government. Drawing upon the skills and knowledge of our County residents will ensure that all decisions are made in the best interest of the people.
  2. Every citizen is entitled to the utmost respect and appreciation for their involvement in County activities.
  3. The management of people's money is a public trust, and government activities must be conducted in a sound and prudent manner to achieve the most effective use of our fiscal resources.